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Kirmuss Audio KA-RC-1 Ultrasonic Vinyl Restoration System
by Linette Smith

Visually, the results were very obvious…
I specifically selected records to really give the Kirmuss machine a difficult test, it has gone above and beyond what I expected from it…

to say I am impressed is an understatement.

…For anyone serious about vinyl I would say it solves the cleaning issue very elegantly…
There are a lot of record cleaning solutions out there but for me, carrying on trying different methods now would just be a false economy.

You buy the machine once and then all you need to buy as you go on is distilled water, 70% isopropyl alcohol, fresh sleeves and more surfactant.

The Kirmuss system should not be seen as simply a record cleaning machine, it is a professional grade archival system that has been made affordable to anyone wanting to preserve or restore their vinyl collection and as such thoroughly deserves Hifi Pig’s Oustanding Product award.

When the records are clean, they are REALLY clean!

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