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Others Clean, We Restore!

Why The
Kirmuss Audio

"I have to declare that the KARC-1 is the best record cleaner on the market. Bar none.​"​

Paul Rigby

HiFi World Magazine (January 2019)

"The Kirmuss KA-RC-1 is the best commercial ultrasonic cleaner currently available on the market."

The Audioman

(on-line review January 2019)

Our revolutionary Ultrasonic Record Cleaning and Restoration System is​ affordable! A SOUND INVESTMENT!

Only $870 USD RETAIL
(for the 120VAC U.S. model for U.S. Clients)*

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Seeing, Hearing, Is Believing. The Images Validate Our Process.

  • Our total process: designed by engineers and consulting chemists over 3 years, we are pvc safe and record groove friendly using only water soluble surfactants. Other sonics only clean surfaces as PVC repells water. Our process ionizes the record. 
  • This is not a home-made, DIY product. Scientific analysis proves our process.
  • Our system meets electrical and safety standards.
  • Safe for shellacked or lacquered records, restores, not just “surface—cleans”.
  • Strips out the record release agents from 30-40 years ago as well as those found on new records
  • Strips out remaining contaminants from prior cleaning methods including those left by air drying by other ultrasonic machines and vacuum drying.
  • Strips out chemical coatings which affect sound from prior cleaning and preservation products sold that coat the record.
  • Now: as the needle and its dyne makes proper contact with the record’s grooves after restoration, this provides 1.3 to 5 db increase in signal depending on the record.
Record Now Restored
Record Now Restored
Breath Of The Sound Restored!
Breath Of The Sound Restored!

What is included with the System?

  • Ultrasonic Record Assembly.
  • Ultrasonic Bath Assembly. AC Power Mains Lead.
  • Combination Carbon Fiber Brush/Parastatic Felt Brush
  • Ionizing Surfactant serving also as an Anti-fungal/Anti-Static Spray.
  • Goat Hair Brush to apply the surfactant onto the record.
  • Stylus Cleaning Kit
  • Optician’s Microfiber Cloth
  • 5” Felt Mat
  • Rabbit Microfiber Cloth for workstation space and drying out the rinsed goat hair brush between surfactant applications.
  • User Manual.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

Not Supplied but required with the system per washing session: 6 Litres of Distilled water, 40 ml (1.4 ounces) of Isopropyl Alcohol 70%