See, Hear &   Feel the Difference 


See, Hear &   Feel the Difference 

What You Said About Our Cables

“ I am enjoying the cables; It’s like being there with the artist; They make my Karas sound fantastic! ”

“Highly recommended, cannot believe the “bang for the buck.” “Should cost more!”

BK Butler

BK Butler

has been designing and building vacuum tube related musical products for over 25 years. Professional celebrity users include Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), David Gilmour ( Pink Floyd), Eric Clapton, Sir Elton John, Eric Johnson and hundreds more.

About BK's designs

His Products have satisfied the most critical professional clients. With this vast experience and background in what sounds "right", BK knew it was possible to bring all the excitement of the "live stage" and the superior qualities of "recording studio sound" to the consumer audio market. Virtually all recording artists and sound engineers recognize the inherent superiority of vacuum tube equipment for recording, live sound reinforcement and musical production.

Set to unveil the ultimate home audio amplifier with his now patented BK Tube Driver BLUE technology into a unique, single-ended Class-A audiophile-level monoblock design, BK has been using KirmussAudio’s Adrenaline for that “shivering sound experience that highlights

Kirmuss Speaker Wires

I’ve always questioned the value of expensive speaker wire and interconnects. As luck would have it the day I received these speaker wires the June issue of Sound & Vision arrived in my mail.

For their 60th anniversary they reprinted the tests Stereo Review did 30 years ago comparing Monster Cable speaker wire with zip cord – doing A/B/X testing “expert” listeners could not reliably differentiate between the 16 gauge zip cord and the much more expensive Monster Cable.

An interesting coincidence - to keep me honest I’ll bet. When I unwrapped the cables I was impressed with the construction. They are extremely well made and look great – my wife even liked them!

I may not understand all of the science that goes into the design but they look like my system will sound better when they are hooked up – well for sure, it will look better.

I have been using the wires with my Magnepan .7’s, which I love. For the most part I have been using my Rogue Audio Sphinx v2 Integrated, but also a Denon PMA-2000IVR integrated and a Hafler 110 Pre Amp and 500 Power Amp.

Everything I hear about my Maggies is the more power the better. The “Power Response” is a big deal. And that is the difference I heard when I hooked up these wires. Each amplifier sounded more effortless in its delivery.

The Rogue, in particular, seemed much more capable, particularly at higher levels, than ever before. And for the first time I was satisfied with the bass the .7’s delivered on their own. I never felt the need to hook up my DWM bass panel. My .7’s are about 6 months old, so perhaps some of this is attributable to break-in, but regardless this made me smile.

The bass was excellent – tight, fast, and accurately low. Just for grins I hooked up my $99 Lepai 30W/Channel Class D Integrated. In the past it struggled to drive the .7’s, sounding constrained – a bad match.

What a difference! It can now fill my 12 x 15 room with sound at a decent level, and the sound quality is so much better. A big surprise.

I am not an engineer, so I may be speaking out of school, but my conclusion is these wires are a big “pipe” and any amplifier will benefit by more easily delivering its output to the speaker, particularly inefficient speakers like my Magnepans.

I’m sold. Now I need another set for my Mini Maggies.......