See, Hear &   Feel the Difference 


See, Hear &   Feel the Difference 

Sonice Mailine Speaker

​Sonice High Performance Loudspeaker Cable

In a class by itself, Sonice is an affordable yet high performance loudspeaker cable for use in both home entertainment as well as in commercial audio applications.

It's unique construction is also advantageous in areas of high electrical noise or areas suspect of RFI that may introduce interference into the output as would traditional zip style, or parallel AC power cord style or any other un-shielded wire.


Available in Rolls of 30 meters (97 feet), the main two conductors are comprised of two, 8 AWG silver plated oxygen free copper allowing for maximum clarity and natural, detailed sound. Your favorite audio dealer would be selling these very reasonably priced cables by the foot.

As to the cable:

The silver plaiting allows for increased imaging in mid-tones and treble with an undistorted and present base.

The conductors themselves are insulated first in white and orange PVC. Very attractive, highlighting your system over traditional copper colored or red and black, or white zip cord, flexible, easy to lay and install.

For added RF immunity: each channel conductor itself is then shielded with a 20 gauge tinned copper drain wire that is wrapped around each conductor.

Sonice cable2

The outer sheath covering the drain as well as finishing the cable is made of a tough, UV resistant, transparent and highly flexible mix of plastics facilitating installation.

Users may terminate the orange and white (left and right) signal channels with our unique cinched end banana plug in a typical fashion connecting the amplifier or source to the loudspeaker, or load.

For added EMI and interference rejection or if the loudspeaker cable is to be laid across sources of interference such as AC Power Line Cords, or where one may be concerned of interference to other devices by the amplifier: the two tinned drain wires once cut back may be then connected to the amplifier's ground terminal at the equipment side. The drain wires at the loudspeaker end are trimmed back and make no connection. This creates a floating shield in a air-space-biaxial cable.

Ideal for amplifiers with power rating up to 350-400 Watts RMS and commercial 70 volt audio lines.