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About the KirmussAudio Online Store                            TO NOTE: THE KA-RC-1 RETAIL pRICE IS $970.00 (uS Model)

Note to Shoppers: KirmussAudio maintains a strong relationship with our Authorized Dealers. We support local brick and mortar stores. For the store nearest you contact us. If no store is local, we may serve you direclty. Shipping from Denver, Colorado.

Our new on-line store that will be activated shortly store does not reflect the entire KirmussAudio product line.  It also has items that our Dealers do not stock.  We may assist you in purchasing any KirmussAudio equipment. You may call us at 303 263-6353. All products warranted for 2 years.

Important: Our new Online Store will ship items within Canada and the United States. Our UK Office and their web site www.kirmussaudio.net  handles Europe.  If you would like to order an item and if you are not located within the locations mentioned,  consult our Contacts Page or  call us  at  +1 (303) 263-6353  or email us at ckirmuss@frontier.net to create your order or to locate a local KirmussAudio dealer.


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