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Info for Non U.S. Clients

For Foreign Buyers of our 100, 240 Volt and other Models:

  • Overseas models are not available from our Global Headquarters in the USA.
  • Overseas Models are available regionally sold by our Authorized Global Distributors and Dealers.
  • Overseas models need power supplies designed for specific regions to meet additional RF and EMI regulations stipulated by the Authorities. Globally: Electrical and Governmental approvals are also different than in the USA and require additional documentation and testing at significant cost.
  • To keep shipping costs reasonable as it costs $290 to ship by air one machine to the UK: Regional warehouses and resellers have been established by us. They ship in-country and in-region at a lower cost than we can from the USA.
  • Not seen in the USA are the variable import duties, taxes, and VAT. These are borne regionally.
  • As Such the Retail List Prices outside of the USA from our Global Supply Centres vary from $1,200 USD to $1,600 USD depending on the Country.
  • For Pricing in your Home Country, please contact your regional reseller in your country's region. Please refer to our CONTACT Page.
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