See, Hear &   Feel the Difference 


See, Hear &   Feel the Difference 

The Adrenaline Speaker Cable

Our Audiophile Quality High Resolution Loudspeaker Cable: ADRENALINE. "VOTED AS TOP 20 ACCESSORY LOUDSPEAKER TO HAVE IN 2020." (Terry London)

Our Mission for Loudspeaker Cables: At KirmussAudio we strive everyday to provide the Audiophile, Artist, Music Lover or Professional Studio Engineer with an affordable yet transparent loudspeaker cable that has been designed to provide one for the ultimate, true to the source, listening experience and in our highlighting the capabilities of the source through the demonstrative loudspeaker at an unprecedented low cost for all to savor.

By design and through extensive testing, our goal is to provide a near as neutral as possible cable over the audible audio frequency range and to not artificially color the auditory experience, as all cables do this to varying degrees.

Our Technology: While we have designed these cables based on engineering principals and where we do provide technical test data to those enthusiasts that are specification readers, it is our understanding as to how impedance, capacitance, reactance, feedback, phase and resistance all interact and how they all play a role within “an end-to end system” has resulted in ADRENALINE...


TERRY LONDON, STEREO TIMES: The Adrenaline speaker cable completely outperformed my reference speaker cables in both my systems. I have also talked to four other listeners who put them into their systems and were shocked at how they brought their systems' performance to a much higher level. We all had speaker cables that cost anywhere from $2K to $7K more than the Kirmuss Audio’s Adrenaline. The Adrenaline comes in a standard 12 ft length and comprises 99.9% OFC (copper), and contains 72 strands of individually insulated copper wires. Each cable weighs around 3 pounds and uses very high-grade connectors. The Adrenaline speaker cables offer absolute transparency. Micro-details just pop out to be heard. The transient speed that delivers the “kick” and PRaT in the music and open, airy top-end creates a realistic sense of space where the recording was done. All of this is rendered in a natural relaxing manner, not analytically with no edge at all. How Kirmuss Audio builds such high-end cables in build quality/materials and performance and sells them for $610 is a mystery to me, but I’m glad they do. Upcoming review. STEREOTIMES JAN 2021 V2.

BOB LEVY, PAST CHAIR, LOS ANGELES AUDIO SOCIETY: Compared to my reference speaker cables—which is quite unfair as the Adrenalines cost less than my reference cable's sales tax—I am delighted to report the Adrenalines were much more than very good. The mid-range was alive and realistic with solid imaging. The definition was excellent, and never strident or crisp. The pacing and drive were very good and the soundstage was wide and tall. Image size was spot on and very well focused. Crescendos were well defined and only slightly congested.

The high-band was somewhat rolled off above about 10khz, but still was nicely airy and sweet. The treble region was less defined with bells and such a bit dull but nicely present. Ambiance retrieval was very good and vocal highs were quite natural and well defined. I found digital media very smooth and a touch creamy, unusual but delightful. LPs were very good and naturally dynamic. The depth perspective was good with dark and quiet backgrounds.

The low band was smooth and detailed though rolled off somewhat below 100hz. The bass impact was well layered and natural sounding. Overall, the sonics were less exciting than I am used to, but certainly satisfactory. A higher-powered solid-state amplifier should yield a bigger and more potent bass sound.

As is, the Adrenalines are a more than worthy effort and a terrific audiophile bargain. If this is your price range, then you should definitely give the Adrenalines a try.

Our Design: 7AWG PER CONDUCTOR: Made up of 24 Cores of 72 cond. 24 ga/16AWG, 112/0.12BS*24C ID 2.6,OFC LDPE Cable, terminated with Rhodium Plated Cinch Banana Plugs. OUR SPECS: 9.2 milli-ohms/12'; Inductance: 0.6 micro-henry/12'; 1,538 pF / 12', 15,000 Hz.


Mission Accomplished!

We have crafted our neutral, natural sounding wire offering over many years of study as well as repeated trial and error. The result: A loudspeaker cable tailored to the audible audio frequencies that can work universally with both solid state and tube amplifiers with little coloration added or damping factor attenuation, thus highlighting the artist and source.

Known Facts: Any wire connected between a source (power amplifier) and a loudspeaker does alter the amplifier’s output signal, but at times, not for the better. Added, to one degree or another depending on the cable, amplifiers see negative feedback and loading occur once the amplifier is connected to the loudspeaker by the cable: seeing the speaker and now cable as a sub system. (one component: speaker and cable).

While some cable manufacturers talk about a “direct connection” between the amplifier’s output to the speaker (driver) as being best, many forget to realize irrespective of the cable they are selling where output designs vary between amplifier manufacturer as well as where inherent to the loudspeaker the amplifier sees also a variable: added the internal crossover network within the speaker design itself. This adds complexity to the design. The amplifiers output now is part of a closed “working system”.

In all this, many manufacturers talk about SKIN EFFECT, this is nonsense as this only applies to 1KV or higher  AC high voltage lines, not our low level audio signals, see what we mean?

Many audiophiles forget where the cable/loudspeaker combination with the speaker’s  internal crossover  also sees this “load”  change how the source signal is heard and how the amplifier reacts to this load. Loads of course vary. No one talks about the capacitance or resonance of the speaker itself, just the impedance and minimum or maximum power input. So what makes a great cable?


Our Study: As a baseline we took into consideration an amplifier’s frequency output range, power, impedance, coupling circuitry, driver designs, voltage response and power bandwidth. We also studied the effects that the second audio harmonic has in plurality when connected to varying cable concepts to varying loudspeaker designs. Like amplifiers reacted differently to the same cable and loudspeaker. Indeed, speaker cables did color the sound and some designs offered a very compelling audition accenting certain frequencies, while attenuating others. Many combinations did produce an enjoyable, but not accurate sound.

Our Mission: We strive for every whisper and breath to be heard exactly in the correct stage and image, featuring the source, and not the cable. In our opinion, the price of a cable does not necessarily guarantee the auditory result. We have designed our cable to be price sensitive and make a fair profit. Our designs should meet the expectations of any listener.

Our Flagship Adrenaline starts with taking 72 strands of 24 gauge 99.9% OFC wire that are first wound forming a single conductor. The now stranded single wire of 72 strands is then insulated using a dielectrically neutral Polyolefins Fluopolymer. 12 such individual elements make the Positive leg. We then use a dielectrically opposite insulator for the 12 individual Negative Polarity legs. These total 24 component wires are then reverse woven in a Helical Litz Array fashion creating an intentional 3/4” air core. Overall cable is 1” in diameter and where the resulting individual conductor gauge is 7AWG..

Why All This Attention To Construction? Our suspended air mesh has a lower parallel capacitance when compared to AC line zip cord or as measured on other high end audio cables: 128 pF per foot (1,538 pF in our 12’ cable set). Why? While capacitance is not critical for audio, in our efforts to achieve a lower series Inductance we intentionally focus on this as capacitance plays a role in this inductive circuit. Intentionally though our Litz weave and selection of dielectrics accomplish this as speaker cables carry AC (alternating current) audio signals which are attenuated by Inductance. The lower the Inductance means lower loss. Result: Our cables average 9.2 milliohms per 12’ cable (or just 0.76 milliohms per foot) between 100 Hz to 15,000 Hz, then increasing to the inaudible range at 0.33 Ohms at 100KHz. Series Inductance is measured at an astonishing 0.6 micro Henry’s per 12’ cable set with connectors. (0.05 micro Henry’s per foot).

Enough said about technical matters and measurements.
Hearing is Believing!

We sincerely feel that our cables highlight the capabilities of your audio source.

Adrenaline comes fully assembled in 12’ lengths.

The OFC cable ends are tinned, then terminated to “cinch style” Rhodium Plated banana plugs before colored heat shrink added. They are sweep tested to meet our Quality Standards.

Rhodium is Non-corroding with lower resistance over gold. The “cinch” design provides for a long term solid tensile connection to your amplifier and loudspeaker's banana jacks. Added where our cable weave design forms poles of articulation focused on how much energy throughout the audible bandwidth that a cable can release quickly and transparently.

Let your Ears be the Judge!

We are confident where we have as neutral as a cable available for use in installations of 200 feet or less and where we confidently can highlight the source’s capabilities to the loudspeaker selected and your ears. We stand by our warranty where if you do not like our Adrenaline loudspeaker cable, simply return it freight prepaid in brand new store condition with packaging within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.